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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Quiet, no longer...

I can not keep my mouth shut any longer. I feel that I have been very calm lately as I have been trying not to get so steamed by so many issues that I can’t control. I will not be quiet about abortion any longer. In fact, I am making it a goal to participate in as many pro-choice events as I can fit into my schedule…and if you are a pro-choicer, I encourage you to do the same. We cannot stay quite any longer….the Pro-Lifers sure aren’t.

A few months ago, I read a great editorial in my hometown newspaper, The Frederick Newspost. In a nutshell (and interpreted in my own words), the editorial basically said where the hell are all of you pro-lifers after an unwanted baby has been born into this world? Are you adopting? Are you taking in foster children? Are you volunteering at local shelters? Are you donating money to the poor? Are you educating middle and high school students about safe sex? I have no proof, but I would venture to say (and I think I am being very generous) that over 50% of those that are quick to tell me what I can and cannot do with my own body, do nothing to help a problem that exists with legalized abortion.

So, you want abortion to be illegal? Please tell me (seriously, I am open minded and do listen to both sides of every story) what the hell are we going to do with an additional 1 million babies (a guesstimate after doing some internet research on the # of US abortions a year) who will basically be born without a chance? Where do you propose they go? Who is going to take care of such an increase? Maybe you’re not aware (and if you’re not maybe you should get the fuck out of my life and open your own eyes), but we do not have space, homes, money, quality education, let alone parents that are fit to raise a child, for the children that are born into poverty now. And you want to increase those numbers by making abortion illegal? Are you fucking kidding me? There are many opinions as to just when life begins, but there’s no question about the life of a child that has already been born.

I am being very serious when I ask those questions and I would love for someone to answer the questions that I asked.
In a perfect world where no child goes unfed, unclothed, unloved, maybe there would not be the need for abortion. But let’s face it, our world is far from perfect.
I can’t even get started about babies that conceived by incest and rape. I would imagine that the majority of pro-lifers have thankfully never been in that situation. And until you are, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

So, get out of the protest line, throw away you’re bloody fetus posters, move out of South Dakota, and do something now that will be good for all of our futures…help the kids and families that need us now.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tuna Helper and Growing Up

I think I am starting to understand how you regulars do it. Last night as I am tossing my dinner in the trash (will get to that), I think, this would make a good blog. I told myself to remember "tuna helper" and just like that I am sitting at my desk and "tuna helper" jumps into my head. Now I am compelled to type.

For those of you that don't know (which would be the majority as most of my friends don't know I have a blog), I cook dinner and my roommate (RM) cleans up. This system has worked well for the past 3.5 years. It's worked so well that I am concerned that I have lost the ability to wash a dish myself. With that being said, RM does not eat seafood (my favorite food). So, I save those meals for times when she's not around. I still leave the dishes for her as I am sure she loves doing them.

For a long time I have been craving Tuna Helper. I see it in the store, but resist the urge b/c it can't be good for me and RM won't eat it. Well, I gave into temptation a few weeks ago and finally made it last night (RM already ate by the time she got home). I was excited, she was disgusted.

As I poured in the milk and obnoxious amounts of butter, I kind of grossed myself out. I quickly overcame that and after 12 minutes I started to eat a big plate full of Creamy Broc. Tuna Helper. Damn was I disappointed. I couldn't even finish it and had to throw the rest away, b/c it was continuing to gross me out and not sit so well in my stomach.

When I was in college, I loved the stuff. Compared to Oodles of Noodles, grilled cheese, ravioli, etc. Tuna Helper was a real meal and I would feel proud of myself for preparing. I loved it so that I would eat it at least once, maybe twice a week. Others around me liked it too.

There are so many parts to growing up and I believe I just discovered another. Tuna Helper is not a home cooked meal and is now a thing of my past. RIP Tuna Helper!

Friday, January 27, 2006

What am I doing wrong?

So, on Monday I created my first blog. Actually, I can't take all the credit...or any of the credit, really. Jen- if I knew how to link I would give you the official props you deserve (jen just came over yelling, "dude! paragraphs!" and showed me how...) , but you haven't taught me that. I take that back, I haven't had the time to learn.

Anywho, for the last 3 days I have been pondering what on earth to write about. Pondering to the point of stress. How do you people do it? At one point, I thought I had a pretty interesting life and definitely my fair share of disasters to write about. Now my thoughts are changing. Am I really that boring that I can't think of words to fill my new blog? I have almost even been wishing for something dramatic to happen. Things have just been too calm in my life lately. No massive dog shit/vomit to clean up.

Well, aside from the 50 pounds of shit I picked up in my backyard on Sunday. Would you believe I scoop weekly? My dogs don't even go out that much (not that I neglect them, they're big and they don't have to). However, maybe if they would go out more often the shit would be less massive. But really, what is worse, having to pick up more piles of little shit, or less piles of big shit. Oh god, my first real post is about poop!!

Tonight I will be heading to my hometown to discuss plans for my upcoming class reunion. Why you ask? Well, someone found out that reunion planning is kind of what I do for a living...and I like to be in control. The way I look at it...I can't bitch about it if I am part of it. And I would bitch! Aside from one of the gals, I am great friends with the others who are helping to plan this thing, so tonight shouldn't be that bad. And it's not that I don't like my former classmate, we're just not on the same page. She got married and had her first child at 20 and is now the mother of two elementary school children. Her days consist of volunteering at the school, PTA, and scrapbooking. Did I mention she has never really worked a day in her life?

Before I get harassed by the hard working stay at home parents, let me elaborate. I do understand that it is damn hard raising kids and if you have the luxury to stay at home and do it, by all means you should. But when those kids become school aged, I think it is time to find something to do. Am I jealous...not at all. Besides, what the hell would I do with two kids? Until next time....

Monday, January 23, 2006

I work with a I'm one!

So, I've done it. After months of reading blog after blog after blog, I have taken a big step. I have created one...and now I'm cool!!!